7.1.F. Licensure, Medical Staff Membership and Privileges, Malpractice Insurance, and Authorization to Work

1. Licensure

If the Instructor will assume responsibilities for the care of patients at Stanford Health Care and/or Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, they must have or obtain a professional license from the State of California and apply for Medical Staff membership and be approved through a formal credentialing process that results in clinic privileges.  Information about obtaining a professional license from the State of California may be obtained from the Medical Board of California, and from Graduate Medical Education.

California Business and Professions Code Sections 2100 et seq. apply to the applications of graduates of medical schools located outside the United States or Canada. In particular, Section 2113 applies to a person who does not immediately qualify for a physician and surgeon’s certificate and who is offered by the dean of an approved medical school in the State of California a full time faculty position. Section 2113 describes the requirements for applying for a certificate of registration to engage in the practice of medicine only to the extent that the practice is incident to and a necessary part of the person’s duties as approved by the Medical Board of California in connection with the faculty position. Section 2113 registration is for full time faculty positions only. Additional information regarding this legislation is available from the Division of Consumer Affairs, Medical Board of California and from Graduate Medical Education.

The “Notice of Separation Under Business and Professions Code Sections 2111 and 2113”, used to notify the Medical Board of California that the faculty appointment of a 2113 registration holder has ended, is available on the GME’s web site.

2. Medical Staff Membership and Privileges

Instructor appointments for which clinical care activity is applicable are contingent upon and coterminous with the candidate obtaining and maintaining in good standing the privileges necessary for the performance of his or her intended clinical role.  Failure to obtain and maintain in good standing such privileges will generally result in the immediate termination of the Instructor appointment. Medical Staff membership and privileges apply only to clinical practice as an Instructor and are coterminous with that appointment. Information about medical staff membership and privileges at the Stanford University Medical Center may be obtained from the Medical Staff Office.

The Stanford University Medical Center Medical Staff Office will conduct a credentialing process for an Instructor (Affiliated). This process includes a full background check requiring “primary source” verification of all information provided in the application. Additionally, an Instructor (Affiliated) who supervises students and trainees at an affiliated institution where medical staff privileges are required must obtain and maintain medical staff privileges at the affiliated institution. Failure to obtain and maintain in good standing such privileges will generally result in the immediate termination of the Stanford appointment.

3. Malpractice Insurance

Information regarding malpractice coverage for providing services at the Stanford University Medical Center is available from Stanford Risk Management.

4. Authorization to Work, Visas for and Employment of Foreign Nationals

An Instructor must be authorized to work as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act. See https://www.stanford.edu/group/fms/fingate/staff/payadmin/i9.html.

If the candidate for an Instructor position is a foreign national, the candidate and the department must comply with the applicable policies and procedures appearing in Administrative Guide Memo 2.4.1 and on the Bechtel International Center website.