1.1.B. Mission of the School of Medicine

The Stanford University School of Medicine provides an educational environment that encourages intellectual diversity and offers stimulation and opportunity for self-motivated students who are interested in developing a scholarly, investigative approach to problems in medicine.

The Mission Statement for the MD Degree Program of the Stanford University School of Medicine, approved by the Senate of the School of Medicine Faculty Council on June 14, 2000 is:

To educate future physicians and foster their capacity to make discoveries and lead innovation in the science and practice of medicine

The Educational Goals for the MD Degree Program, Stanford University School of Medicine, revised and approved by the Senate of the School of Medicine Faculty Council, June 14, 2000 are:

  1. To assure excellence in clinical medicine with emphasis on:
    1. Understanding the traditional and emerging areas of biomedical and clinical sciences, including the etiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease
    2. Understanding the scientific theory and methodology that form the basis of medical discoveries
    3. Utilizing opportunities to explore research and teaching, both broadly defined, in various branches of medicine, with access to the full resources of Stanford University
    4. Using technology to manage information and knowledge effectively and efficiently
  2. To develop effective communication skills with patients, colleagues and the public
  3. To promote leadership training in the various branches of medicine
  4. To promote ethical and moral behavior, the humane and caring practice of medicine and a sense of obligation to improve the health of the public
  5. To promote cultural competency in the science and practice of medicine
  6. To teach the skills necessary to sustain a lifetime of learning

The admissions process is directed to the selection of individuals who will most benefit from this environment. Recognizing the importance of a diverse student body providing a rich educational experience, the School has a strong commitment to identify, recruit and educate students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including minority groups and women.