2.7.P. Review by the Advisory Board

“If the Provost’s view is favorable, the next step in the process (in general) is for the Provost to submit the case to the Advisory Board of the Academic Council for its review.  The powers and functions of the Advisory Board are described in the Articles of Organization of the Academic Council. The Advisory Board normally assigns at least two, and sometimes more, of its members to read each file.  The case is reviewed for adherence to procedural requirements, completeness of documentation, conformance with academic standards, and suitability.  Occasionally, the Advisory Board may request additional information before voting on a recommendation or may table the matter for review by each member of the Board.  After considering any issues raised by the assigned readers, the Advisory Board votes on the proposed action

The Provost may also ask the Advisory Board for informal advice on a file, in which case no vote is taken until the case is submitted formally by the Provost to the Advisory Board.

At the end of each Advisory Board meeting, the members report to the Provost and request additional follow-up, as necessary.  Because the Advisory Board advises the President, the list of recommendations approved by the Advisory Board is forwarded by the Advisory Board Chair to the President for his or her final review and approval.  A list of recommendations not approved by the Advisory Board is forwarded by the Chair to the President for his or her further consideration.”  (Source:  University Faculty Handbook)