8.3. Criteria

Visiting Scholars must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Visiting from an outside institution or organization
  • Has a doctoral degree or has expertise in a field in which a doctorate is not the terminal degree
  • Has an external (non-Stanford) source of funding equal to or greater than the amount of the current first-year postdoctoral stipend (See the Visiting Scholars web page or Salary Guidelines on the Postdoctoral Scholars website for the current amount).
  • Sponsored by a member of the School of Medicine Professoriate and approved by the Department Chair or Institute Director.

Foreign Visiting Scholars are required to carry health insurance at predetermined levels prior to boarding US-bound transportation.

Visiting Scholars are not employees of the University and the title may not be used for personnel or payroll purposes. Visiting Scholars may not receive regular compensation from the University.