11.12 Research Grant Applications by Faculty Members with Expiring Appointments

A contractor such as the University has an obligation to disclose to an external granting agency any material facts bearing on the institution's ability to carry out the research program described in a grant application. Since this obligation is widely understood, Stanford does not have a written policy or procedure specifically addressing it.

However, the Sponsored Projects Office does consistently follow a policy of making such disclosure to the granting agency when the grant application is submitted.

Availability of a proposed principal investigator is a material condition of any research grant or contract awarded to Stanford. Therefore, when a principal investigator's faculty appointment will terminate prior to or during a proposed project's period of performance, the potential sponsor should be so informed by the Sponsored Projects Office.

If the principal investigator or the department chair wishes to discuss the manner in which this information is transmitted to the granting agency, the department chair should call the Sponsored Projects Office before or when the grant application is forwarded to that office.