8.4. Privileges and Policies

A Visiting Scholar Identification Card will be issued to Visiting Scholars who are in residence for a minimum of one quarter. Cards may be obtained by visiting the Stanford Card Office presenting the appropriate signed invitation for appointment as a Visiting Scholar for a fixed period of at least one academic quarter, and showing a valid government-issued picture ID. More details about the issuance and use of the Visiting Scholar Card may be found in Administrative Guide Memo 2.4.3 (Stanford Identification Cards) and at the Stanford Card Office web site. Visiting Scholars are eligible to use the following Stanford facilities and services:

  • Libraries: Holders of Visiting Scholar Cards will have access to certain Stanford University libraries in accordance with regulations and policies governing the use of its libraries. The possession of a Visiting Scholar Card does not assure access to any particular library. Visiting Scholars without ID cards may apply for library privileges at the Privileges Desk in Green Library. Privileges will be granted in accordance with library policy.
  • Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) facilities and events: Holders of Visiting Scholar Cards have access to certain facilities and events specified by DAPER, subject to payments of established amounts, if any, for tickets and use fees.
  • Auditing University lecture courses without fee, subject to permission of the instructor (Classes that require individual instruction and participation, such as laboratory and language courses, studio and performance courses, or creative writing courses are not authorized for auditing.)
  • Campus parking privileges for a fee (arranged through Parking & Transportation Services)
  • access to off-campus housing information.

Visiting Scholars are not eligible for student or employee health benefits. They are eligible for the English for Foreign Students Program, but must obtain a Permit to Attend from the Office of the Registrar of the University and pay applicable tuition. For more information on these and other privileges, such as attending courses and seminars for credit, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Information regarding Visiting Scholars and their privileges may also be found in Chapter 10.5 of the Research Policy Handbook, and in the Administrative Guide memos, 2.2.1 (General Personnel Policies: Definitions) and 2.4.3 (Stanford Identification Cards).