5.2.A. Definition

From time to time, members of the Professoriate may invite faculty members from other academic institutions to visit Stanford in order to forward a collaborative research mission, to take advantage of their expertise or experience in research, teaching, or clinical care, or to pursue some other collaborative effort or for other reasons which may provide benefit to the School of Medicine.

For Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, and Visiting Professor ranks, candidates are expected to be on sabbatical or leave from the college, university or other academic institution where they hold appointments.  The leave must be for the time period of the prospective Stanford appointment.  Likewise, it is expected that a candidate’s “home” appointment will not expire prior to the end date of the Stanford appointment. 

The Visiting Instructor rank may be used for individuals coming to Stanford as a visitor for additional training in a program for which there is no formal course of study. See Section 5.3 later in this Chapter.

It is possible for an individual appointed to a Visiting rank to become a candidate for regular appointment. This in no way lessens the obligation of a search committee to consider by all means available the credentials of candidates having no prior association with the University. This obligation should be made clear to the candidates who hold or have held Stanford appointments.

Visiting faculty may be paid or unpaid.