5.2.E. Visiting Faculty with Salary

1. University Staff Policies

Visiting Faculty belong to the "Other Teaching Title" category.  Persons holding these titles with pay are Stanford University employees; they are not members of the Professoriate  (i.e., the Academic Council or the University Medical Line), or the Academic Staff, or the Clinician/Educator line, nor do they accrue time toward tenure by length of service. Visiting Faculty who are appointed at 50% time or more for six months or more are considered benefits-eligible and are, in general, subject to University policies applicable to employees in the Other Teaching Title category.

Vacation and sick leave do not accrue for Visiting Faculty. Visiting Faculty may be terminated before the end of their terms for the following reasons: 1) change in programmatic need, including budgetary considerations; and 2) for cause.

2. Appointments,  Reappointments, and FTE Changes

For step by step instructions for appointing, reappointing, or changing the appointment or pay of paid Visiting Faculty members, and answers to frequently asked questions, see the Visiting Faculty web page and the Visiting Faculty with Salary page.