4.1.C. Advanced Lecturer

1. Criteria for Appointment

Advanced Lecturer is a rank established by the Faculty Senate in June 2020 following the 3rd Committee on the Professoriate and approved by the Board of Trustees. They must perform a significant amount of the regular instruction with a sustained record of outstanding performance and teaching that meets continuing programmatic needs.

In teaching and in other contributions to their program and discipline, Advanced Lecturers are expected to exceed the levels expected of Lecturers. Advanced Lecturer is a title available only to Lecturers who have demonstrated consistent excellence in: teaching; tutoring, advising, and mentoring; citizenship in their program, department and the Stanford community; and if applicable, academic or creative projects. Advanced Lecturers will be expected to demonstrate sustained professional growth during the term(s) of their appointment.

2. Terms & Other Conditions of Appointment

The Advanced Lecturer is a promotion only available to those Lecturers who have most recently completed five consecutive years of benefits eligible service at 75% time or more during each of the previous five years with teaching and related activities in each of the three consecutive quarters (fall, winter, spring) each year and with a sustained record of outstanding performance and teaching that meets continuing programmatic needs.

In order for a Lecturer to be considered for promotion to Advanced Lecturer, appointment as a Lecturer for the required five years must be at 75% time or more throughout; service cannot be combined among non-benefits eligible appointments, benefits eligible appointments between 50% - 74.9% time, and benefits eligible appointments at 75% - 100% time in order to meet this requirement, in aggregate. Instructional appointment(s) performed at other institutions does not fulfill this requirement. Lecturers who meet these criteria in programs, departments or schools which have such advancement opportunities may be eligible for this promotion. An individual cannot have an initial appointment as an Advanced Lecturer.

Advanced Lecturers serve in positions for which continuing programmatic need exists, subject to departmental need and budgetary constraints. Advanced Lecturers may be reappointed for an unlimited number of 5 year terms, but may not

have a continuing term appointment. Please note: Promotion from Lecturer to Advanced Lecturer may not be a career path available in all schools or programs. A salary increase corresponding to a promotion from Lecturer to Advanced Lecturer may not be appropriate or available in all schools, departments or programs.

Advanced Lecturers serve in positions under supervision of, or with guidance from, one or more faculty members and/or Senior Lecturer(s). Such supervisors in departments and programs are responsible for defining the intellectual goals of the program at the time the Advanced Lecturer position is requested, for continuing supervision and review/revision of goals, and for working with the Advanced Lecturer on refining the teaching program.

Although Advanced Lecturers are not members of the Professoriate and do not have Academic Council membership those Advanced Lecturers in positions of continuing programmatic need should be integrated into the activities and governance of their departments, such as department retreats and conferences and certain committees, consistent with school practice. As a general rule, departments should not expect Advanced Lecturers to take on departmental administration and advisory roles beyond those associated with the specific programmatic need for which they were appointed.

Promotion recommendations for Advanced Lecturers are reviewed and approved by the Dean of the School or a designee, using the online Faculty and Academic Staff Appointments (FASA) tool.

3. Promotion, Reappointments, and FTE Changes for Advance Lecturers

For step by step instructions for promotion, reappointing, or changing the appointment or pay of Advanced Lecturers, see the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion: Visiting and Short Term Faculty Titles web page.