7.1.H. Duration of Appointments

The duration of appointment is generally the same for Instructors paid by Stanford and for Instructors (Affiliated).

Instructor appointments may be for one, two or three years and may be renewed, upon a showing of high quality performance at Stanford and programmatic need (including budgetary considerations). Appointments are generally limited to a total of three years, unless the candidate secures a mentored grant, an initial independent grant, or other funding consistent with his or her career goals.  In that case, the appointment may be considered for an extension for the duration of that award for up to an additional five years, for a total of no more than eight years in rank. The grant or other funding must cover a minimum of 60% of an Instructor's salary.  

In accordance with Administrative Guide Memo, Instructors are notified in writing of the planned fixed term end.

1. Term Appointments

Although term appointments are frequently made with the clear possibility of reappointment, there is no entitlement to such action at the end of the term, and it is not automatic. Instead, decisions on reappointment, like decisions on initial appointment, are subject to programmatic need and budgetary considerations, as well as the exercise of professional and scholarly judgment and discretion by the School’s departmental faculty and the School’s academic leadership.

Reappointment reviews are generally (but not always) initiated approximately four months in advance of the appointment end date so that a decision is reached before the candidate’s current appointment ends. Extension of term appointments is discouraged. In the event that an extension is necessary, it is expected to be of short duration and supported by a reasonable explanation.

2. Coterminous Appointments

As stated above in G.1 and G.2, all joint and secondary appointments are coterminous with the Instructor’s primary appointment.

The appointment of an Instructor (Affiliated) is coterminous with the agreement between Stanford Health Care (SHC) and/or Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) and the institution that employs the Instructor (Affiliated)’s. as well as the continued employment of the Instructor (Affiliated) by that institution.. In the event that either the agreement ends or the Instructor (Affiliated)’s employment terminates, the Instructor (Affiliated)’s Stanford appointment will likewise terminate, unless Stanford at its sole discretion determines that an alternative position is available.