5.4.A Criteria for Appointment

1. Adjunct Professor

Individuals holding this position may contribute to their department in a variety of ways. They may be the primary instructor or co-instructor of courses, teach graduate seminars and may be co-advisors (but not principal advisors) on masters or doctoral theses. They may serve on departmental committees, consistent with school practices. This position is not appropriate for individuals whose profession is primarily academic. Such individuals should be appointed as Lecturers or Senior Lecturers, as appropriate. However, faculty who have retired from other academic institutions may be appointed to this position.

2. Adjunct Lecturer

Individuals whose primary contribution is limited to assisting in courses may be appointed as Adjunct Lecturers. Adjunct Lecturers may be involved on a regular basis with courses and other aspects of the Stanford educational mission, though not as the primary instructor or co-instructor of an entire course. For example, Adjunct Lecturers may serve as mentors, coaches or advisors for student projects over a period of multiple weeks, or work with faculty members to develop a course or organize and manage a lecture series. Individuals who provide only occasional guest lecturing, coaching, or panel participation should not be appointed to this position.