11.9 Delay of Tenure Decision

A one-year extension of the date on which tenure would be automatically conferred is granted upon request to nontenured faculty members who give birth. For faculty appointed prior to September 1, 1996, two such extensions are allowed regardless of whether or not a leave is taken. For faculty appointed September 1, 1996 or later, there is no limit to the number of extensions; however, for these faculty, there is a ten-year limit on the amount of time that may be spent in an untenured rank. These delays do not automatically extend the mother's appointment to the faculty. Her reappointment would be subject to the normal review process including a departmental vote.

An additional delay of the tenure decision is granted for the period of leave of absence without salary taken by either the mother or father of an infant (either born to or adopted by parents). The faculty member will automatically receive a reappointment equal to the duration of the leave without the necessity of a departmental review or vote.

A parallel rule applies to women in the University Medical Line. Please contact the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs for further details.