2.9.B Variable

The variable salary component is based on the quality of the faculty member’s performance of his/her duties and responsibilities, including professionalism, ethics and compliance with University, School of Medicine and (as applicable) hospital policies and procedures.  Changes (if any) in the variable salary from year to year are in the judgment and discretion of the department chair and Dean.  Accordingly, the variable component may fluctuate up or down; it is not subject to the Statement on Security of Appointment and Tenure in the University Faculty Handbook. 

Salary is set annually, and in accordance with the overall annual salary program promulgated by the Provost and the School of Medicine.   Because the base salary is generally set by rank, annual merit adjustments (if any) are made to the variable salary.  Changes in salary generally are effective for the start of the fiscal year and are subject to the approval of the Department Chair, Dean, Provost, and in some instances the Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees. The sum of the base and the variable components is the salary amount upon which benefits are calculated.