9.3.A. Overview

The purpose of the appointment or reappointment evaluation is to appraise, on the record to date, the candidate’s standing in his or her field.  Decisions on appointment and reappointment are subject to the exercise of professional and scholarly judgment and discretion by departmental faculty and academic leadership at the School level.  The criteria and guidelines outlined in Chapter 9.2 of this Handbook should be read and applied by all those who cast a vote on an appointment and reappointment actions.

The University recognizes that there are significant variations in how candidates qualify for and secure appointment according to field and discipline.  Candidates come from different backgrounds and receive different educational training.  In addition, there may be great variation in emphasis among the components of activity Nevertheless, all appointments have in common the requirement of excellence, however measured.

Procedures for the evaluation process at the department and School levels are described below.  Departures from these guidelines should be rare and for good reason.  Procedural questions should be addressed to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Instructions for assembly of each component of the appointment or reappointment, including the process for compiling a list of proposed evaluators (referees and trainees) is available on the Office of Academic Affairs website.