9.5.A. Paid Absences

1. Paid Sick Leave Law

Clinical Scholars are eligible for 3 days of paid sick leave. This sick time does not carry over from one calendar year to the next. Please refer to admin guide https://cardinalatwork.stanford.edu/benefits-rewards/time-away/paid-time/sick-time.

 2. Time Off with Pay

Clinical Scholars will receive time off with pay, if eligible, through their non-ACGME Residency or Fellowship training program.   

3. Family Care and Medical Leaves

Clinical Scholars are eligible for time off due to their own serious health condition (including pregnancy disability), the serious health condition of a family member, to bond with a new baby or in connection with military service. For information regarding types of leaves, criteria for each leave and duration, including those available under the Family Medical Leave Act, the California Family Rights Act and California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave law, see Administrative Guide Section 2.3.5.  Specific questions should be directed to University Human Resources, Disability and Leave Services. If a Clinical Scholar is disabled, he/she is expected to file for short-term disability benefits.