2.8.C Joint Appointments (> 0%)

1. Definition

A joint appointment reflects major contributions to two or more units in terms of time, effort and programmatic need.  Faculty in the School of Medicine may have a joint appointment with one of Stanford’s other schools or a specified policy center or institute or with another department within the School of Medicine.  In all joint appointments, even those that are divided evenly between two units, one unit is designated as “primary” and the other(s) as “secondary.”  The primary and secondary designations are made at the time the joint appointment is initiated and may be changed with the unanimous consent of the faculty member, the relevant department chairs, center or institute directors, and school Deans.

2. Resources

Units frequently share salary, billet and/or other resources consistent with the distribution of time, effort and programmatic need.

3. Titles

Titles reflect the faculty member’s primary and secondary departmental roles by using, for example, the following format:  Professor of (subject of primary affiliation) and of (subject of secondary affiliation).

4. Terms

A joint appointment for a tenured faculty member or a faculty member holding a continuing term appointment is normally without limit of time.  For faculty with term appointments, the joint appointment is made for the duration of the current appointment.

5. Responsibilities 

Faculty holding joint appointments are expected to carry a normal load of teaching, administration, and leadership responsibilities.  The precise nature of those responsibilities will depend on the roles the faculty are expected to play in the departments, schools, or policy institutes to which they are appointed.  Normally, such responsibilities are apportioned in accordance with FTE in each unit.

6. Privileges

Holders of joint appointments enjoy full privileges, including voting rights, in all of the units in which the appointment resides.

7. Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

Policies for appointments, reappointments and promotions for joint appointments (> 0%) are described in the University Faculty Handbook, Chapter 2.6.2(3) and (4)