4.1.B. Senior Lecturer

1. Criteria for Appointment

The title of Senior Lecturer is associated with a demonstrably higher level of responsibility and teaching excellence than that of a Lecturer, rather than with seniority or longevity. (See criteria for Lecturer in Section 4.1.A.) There are normally only a limited number of Senior Lecturer positions in any program.

The primary evaluation of a Lecturer for appointment or promotion to Senior Lecturer is by a review committee that is appointed by the department, program, or School and that consists of up to six individuals, at least three of whom are Academic Council members.

2. Terms & Other Conditions of Appointment

Initial appointments at the rank of Senior Lecturer may be for a continuing term or for a term of up to five years. Initial term appointments are allowable so long as the individual's immediately preceding appointment was not as a member of the Academic Council or as a Lecturer at Stanford.

Upon reappointment, Senior Lecturers on fixed terms must be given continuing appointments.

Individuals who are promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer shall hold continuing appointments.

Senior Lecturers are entitled to annual meetings with department chairs or their designees to discuss performance and departmental expectations. Departments shall carry out regular, in-depth evaluations of Senior Lecturers no more frequently than every three years and no less frequently than every five years.

Senior Lecturers in positions of continuing programmatic need shall be integrated into the governance of their departments, although without Academic Council membership. Departments shall not expect Senior Lecturers to take on departmental administration and advisory roles beyond those associated with the specific programmatic need for which they were appointed.

3. Appointments, Reappointments, and FTE Changes for Senior Lecturers

For step by step instructions for appointing, reappointing, or changing the appointment or pay of Lecturers, see the Appointment and Promotion: Other Titles web page.