2.3.E. Ranks and Titles

Appointment to the UML is contingent upon (and coterminous with) affiliation with a specified medical center or centers.

The University Medical Line ranks are:

Assistant Professor of [department] at [specified medical center]
Associate Professor of [department] at [specified medical center]
Professor of [department] at [specified medical center]

A typical title is “Professor of Surgery at the Stanford University Medical Line.”  In everyday usage, the designation of the medical center may be removed from titles of UML faculty, but it is to remain in their titles in curriculum vitae, Stanford University publications, personnel files, appointment and promotion papers, administrative records, and other similar contexts.  In journals and other external publications, as well as on stationery, business cards and websites, the designation is not required.

UML appointments are coterminous with the affiliation at the medical center(s) specified in the formal title.  Circumstances that sever that relationship (such as the termination of Stanford’s affiliation with, or a faculty member’s termination from or refusal or inability to provide services at, a specified medical center) will generally result in the immediate termination of an UML appointment.