7.4.A. Compensation

Salary is set annually, with changes based on merit, performance, department resources, and in accordance with the overall annual salary programs promulgated by the School of Medicine. Changes in salary occur annually and are effective for the start of the fiscal year.

The Dean of the School of Medicine (or his or her delegate) approves an Instructor’s salary on recommendation from the department chair in advance of any commitment to the candidate. Instructor appointments beyond three years require the candidate to secure a mentored grant, an initial independent grant, or other funding consistent with his or her career goals.  The grant or other funding must cover a minimum of 60% of an Instructor's salary. General funds may not be allocated to support the salary of an Instructor. Departments should strive for comparable pay for comparable work and should provide clear productivity expectations and measures that are linked to salary and incentives.

If an Instructor is concurrently employed by Stanford University and by the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (“VAPAHCS”), the Stanford base salary will be prorated by the University and paid based on the percentage of the Stanford University Medical Center appointment. The VAPAHCS will pay the Instructor at its rate for the VAPAHCS portion of employment