3.8.J. Termination and Nonrenewal

A Clinician Educator (Affiliated) may be separated from his or her appointment prior to the planned termination date. No set period of notice is required for termination or nonrenewal of an appointment.  Notice of nonrenewal or termination should be in writing from the department chair to the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) with a copy to the Vice Dean.  There are no formal grievance or appeal processes available to Clinician Educators (Affiliated) who have received a notice of nonrenewal or whose appointment has been terminated, but the individual may communicate with the department chair or with the Vice Dean (or a designate) concerning the matter.

As noted above, although continued affiliation in the form of a reappointment or promotion may occur, there is no entitlement to such action at the end of a term, and it is not automatic. Renewal of appointment will depend on availability of the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) to fulfill the department’s pedagogical obligations and the match between their teaching and interpersonal skills and the department’s needs at the time.  At the end of a Clinician Educator (Affiliated)’s appointment term, he or she may be offered a renewal for the same or a different term at the sole discretion of the School of Medicine.  Renewal is not guaranteed.