6.2.G. Promotions

There is no right or entitlement to an Adjunct Clinical Faculty promotion, nor is the department or School required to initiate consideration for such a promotion.  Where such a review is undertaken, however, promotion at all ranks is preceded by a thorough review of the quality and extent of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member’s performance and contribution to the academic programs and to the department and School.  A decision to promote must include an evaluation of the requirements of the academic programs (including programmatic need), and must be based on evidence of continued excellent performance and continued compliance with the policies of the School.

Promotions may be initiated at any time when there is unequivocal evidence that the quality of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member’s contributions meets the criteria for promotion to the higher rank; this will typically occur in one of the years following reappointment.

In cases where an early promotion is initiated and subsequently fails, an unsuccessful candidate may be proposed again at a later time if that remains desirable to the candidate and the department.  However, in order to avoid potential awkwardness following a negative promotion decision, it is prudent to initiate a promotion review only when a positive outcome can be anticipated with reasonable confidence.