9.1 Clinical Scholar Role and Definitions

9.1.A.    Clinical Scholar Role

9.1.B.    Definition of Clinical Scholar

9.1.C.    Programmatic Need, Position and Resource Allocation

9.1.D.    Identification of Candidates, Diversity Considerations

9.1.E.    Licensure, Medical Staff Membership, Malpractice Insurance, and Authorization to Work

  1. Licensure and Medical Staff Membership
  2. Malpractice Insurance
  3. Authorization to Work, Visas for and Employment of Foreign Nationals

9.1.F.    Duration of Appointments

  1. Term Appointments
  2. Outreach Site Agreement

9.1.G.    Offer Letters

9.1.H.    Notifying Clinical Scholar Candidates of Appointment Terms

9.1.I.    Resignations

9.1.J.    Terminations and Nonrenewal

9.1.K.    Personnel Files

9.1.L.    Records Retention