9.2.B. Proportionality of Contributions

The department chair (or designate) determines the allocation of a Clinical Scholar’s time in light of the strategic and programmatic needs of the department and School.   Typically, Clinical Scholars will spend the majority of their time on clinical care and teaching.  As noted above, in the Clinical Scholar title, appointments (and subsequent reappointments) are based upon a requirement of excellence in the overall mix of contributions in clinical care and teaching that advances clinical medicine.  In determining whether this standard has been met, reviewing bodies should be guided by the expectation that Clinical Scholars will nearly always be required to establish and maintain excellence in the area in which the highest proportion of their time and effort is dedicated; however, those who do, excellence in clinical care is required and a high degree of competency in all areas regardless of the proportion of commitment.

Performance that falls below this standard of excellence in clinical care will normally result in a negative appointment or reappointment decision.