8.1. Definition

From time to time, members of the Professoriate may invite faculty, postdoctoral fellows, or other experts in their field, who are employed at or studying at another institution or organization, to visit Stanford, usually in order to forward a collaborative research mission. Sometimes these individuals may also give Stanford the benefit of their expertise or experience in research, teaching, or clinical care, or may pursue some other collaborative effort which may provide benefit to the School of Medicine. These individuals may be recommended by a Department Chair or Institute Director for a fixed-term appointment as Visiting Scholar.

Visiting Scholars are expected to have completed a  doctoral degree and have some expertise from which Stanford will benefit during their visit. In rare cases, individuals without doctoral degrees may be appointed as Visiting Scholar, for example, if the individual is in a field or specialty in which a master's degree is the terminal degree. These exceptions must be approved in advance by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

Visiting Scholars are appointed into academic departments or institutes.