10.4. Responsibilities of Host Faculty and Departments, Programs and Independent Lab

The hosting faculty member and academic unit are responsible for providing space for the Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, and for assuring that the individual can participate as intended without undue interference with the other academic responsibilities of the host faculty, the laboratory, department or Independent Lab/Center/Institute or other program. 

In addition, the department/host unit is responsible for assuring that the Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar:

  1. receives all required university training (e.g., health and safety or other mandatory training)
  2. understands that proprietary work for their home organization may not be carried out with more than incidental use of Stanford facilities during the visit. 
  3. signs the appropriate Patent and Copyright Agreement for Personnel at Stanford. (Note: If the visiting postdoctoral scholar already has an intellectual property agreement with their home organization, the visitor should sign an alternative version of the agreement, called the SU-18A.  If the visitor has not already assigned intellectual property, they sign the regular Stanford agreement (SU-18).  Both versions are filed electronically.)
  4. complies with all university policies and external requirements related to the performance of work at Stanford.