6.3.H. The School of Medicine Appointments and Promotions Committee

  1. Purpose

    The School of Medicine Adjunct Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee is a standing committee, advisory to the Vice Dean, that is appointed to review and assess the academic credentials for appointment and promotion to the ranks of Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor and Adjunct Clinical Professor.

  2. Composition

    Appointed by the Vice Dean, the Committee is composed of nine members (four members of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty and four members of the Professoriate) and is chaired by an Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

  3. Terms of Service

    The chair serves on the Committee concurrent with their appointment as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  The other Committee members serve for staggered three-year terms, and each appointment is renewable for additional terms.

  4. Function

    For each appointment or promotion considered by the Adjunct Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, the Office of Academic Affairs provides the Committee with the file comprised of all the required evidence, the requirements for which are posted on the Office of Academic Affairs website.  To aid in the assessment of candidates’ credentials, the Office of Academic Affairs assigns a primary and secondary reader to review each file.

    Upon request by a Committee member (and with the concurrence of the Committee chair), the discussion of a candidate may be deferred until a future meeting.  An action may also be tabled by the Committee members for a variety of reasons:  in their discretion, the Committee members may agree to request from the department and consider any other material or information to complete the evaluation of the candidate’s credentials for the action recommended or make a recommendation that the Vice Dean (or a designate) pursue an alternate strategy with the department.  It is inappropriate for the Committee or the Committee reviewers to individually seek other material or information about the candidate or to consult with or receive advice from the candidate.

  5. Meetings and Quorum

    Normally, the Committee convenes monthly, or as needed.  Consideration of a recommendation by the Committee requires the presence of more than half of the current voting Committee membership, including either the primary or secondary committee reviewer assigned the file.  Members who are absent, on leave, or who are recused are not counted toward the current Committee membership for purposes of quorum.

  6. Voting and Recusal

    Members of the Committee do not vote or contribute to the Committee’s consideration of a candidate if they have (a) overseen, or participated in, preparation of the documentation on behalf of the candidate (including submission of letters of evaluation); (b) attended a departmental or divisional meeting during which the candidate’s currently proposed appointment or promotion was discussed; or (c) voted on the recommendation at the divisional or departmental level.  Members of the Committee are expected to notify the Committee chair or the Office of Academic Affairs regarding such situations or other possible circumstances that might make appropriate their recusal from consideration of a recommendation.

    All members present at a meeting are required to provide a voice vote.  To carry affirmatively, a yea vote must be cast by a majority of Committee members in attendance.  The same number of nay votes (a majority) is required for a negative recommendation.

    Abstentions are inappropriate, except under extraordinary circumstances.  Absentee votes are not allowed; however, Committee members who cannot attend a meeting may submit written comments to be reviewed by the Committee.

  7. Decision by the Vice Dean (or a designate)

    Upon receipt of a recommendation (whether positive or negative) from the Adjunct Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, the Vice Dean (or a designate), in their judgment and discretion, will make their decision as whether to approve or overturn a positive recommendation, approve or overturn a negative recommendation, remand the file with further instructions, or take such other action as in their judgment is deemed appropriate.

    If the Vice Dean’s (or a designate’s) decision (and hence the School’s decision) is positive, then notification of that positive decision is provided to the department and an appointment letter is prepared for the candidate.

    If the Vice Dean’s (or a designate’s) decision (and hence the School’s decision) is negative, then notification of that negative decision is provided to the department.

    Reconsideration of a negative decision by the Vice Dean (or a designate) will occur only if the department provides convincing evidence that new and material information bearing on the case exists, such as information that could not have been available in the original evaluation.  Reconsiderations are rare and may be avoided by consultation between the department chair and the Vice Dean (or a designate) at appropriate intervals in the process.  As noted above, there is no formal grievance or appeal processes available to a member of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty who has received a notice of nonrenewal or whose appointment has been terminated, but the individual may communicate with the department chair or with the Vice Dean (or a designate) concerning the matter.