6.1.E. Duration of Appointments

New Adjunct Clinical Faculty appointments are for a term of years.

The usual duration of an appointment (subject to relatively rare exceptions granted by the Vice Dean in his or her discretion) for each rank is:


Initial Appointment or Promotion

Adjunct Clinical Instructor Up to 3 years

Up to 3 years (renewable, unlimited number of up to 3 year terms)

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor 4 years 6 years (renewable, unlimited number of 6-year terms)
Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor 5 years 5 years (renewable, unlimited number of 5-year terms)
Adjunct Clinical Professor 5 years

Continuing term, unless otherwise expressly specified for a term of years (for reappointment or promotion)

1. Term Appointments

Although term appointments are frequently made with the clear possibility of reappointment or promotion, there is no entitlement to such action at the end of the term, and it is not automatic.  Instead, decisions on reappointment and promotion, like decisions on initial appointment, are subject to programmatic need, as well as the exercise of professional and scholarly judgment and discretion by the School’s departmental faculty and the School’s academic leadership regarding the candidate’s performance.  Promotion is not a requirement for a continued affiliation; qualified candidates may be renewed at the same rank for an unlimited number of terms.

There is no requirement that an Adjunct Clinical Faculty member be considered for reappointment or promotion at the end of his/her term, nor is there a right or entitlement to be so considered.

Reappointment and promotion reviews are generally (but not always) initiated approximately six months in advance of the appointment end date so that a decision may be reached before the candidate’s current appointment ends.  Extension of term appointments is discouraged.  In the event that an extension is necessary, it is expected to be of short duration and supported by a reasonable explanation.

2. Secondary Appointments

a. Definition

A secondary appointment is defined as an arrangement whereby the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member holds a primary appointment, as well as a secondary appointment, in departments within the School of Medicine.  It is permissible for an Adjunct Clinical Faculty member to hold more than one secondary appointment.  A secondary appointment is based on programmatic need and acknowledges the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member’s active contribution to the department’s academic program.

b.  Titles

Titles reflect the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member’s primary and secondary departmental roles by using, for example, the following format:  Adjunct Clinical Professor of (subject of primary affiliation) and of (subject of secondary affiliation).  Multiple secondary appointments should be listed in descending order of involvement or in alphabetical order.

c.  Terms

Secondary appointments are normally effective and coterminous with the primary appointment.  If the secondary appointment is added, the start date may postdate the start date of the primary appointment but under no circumstances may the secondary appointment extend beyond the end date of the primary appointment.

d.  Responsibilities

Departments have the discretion in determining the set of responsibilities that are associated with secondary appointments, although it is expected that a minimum threshold will be established for conferral of the title, will be applied equitably and will reflect the department’s specific programmatic need.