3.8.L. Stanford Privileges Available to Clinician Educator (Affiliated)

1.   Identification Cards and Privileges

Clinician Educators (Affiliated) are eligible for a Courtesy Card that allows use of library facilities and services, including Lane Library borrowing privileges.  Off-campus access to online databases requires the appointing Stanford department to sponsor the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) for a base SUNet ID for computing services, as long as the person to be sponsored meets basic eligibility requirements.  More information is available at http://itservices.stanford.edu/service/sponsorship.  

Additional information about identification cards and the privileges afforded to them are available in Administrative Guide Memo 2.4.3.

2.   SUNet ID

The SUNet ID is a unique account name that identifies an individual as a member of the Stanford community, with access to the Stanford University Network of computing resources and services. The SUNet ID is a permanent and visible part of the individual’s Stanford identity. A SUNet ID requires department sponsorship. More information is available at http://accounts.stanford.edu/.