3.8.M. Other Policies Applicable to Clinician Educator (Affiliated)

In addition to complying with federal and state laws and regulations, and the policies and procedures of the Clinician Educator (Affiliated)’s employer, Clinician Educator (Affiliated) are also required to:

  • obtain and maintain unrestricted privileges at his/her affiliated institution as required by his or her assigned duties and at any other facility to which the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) may be assigned by his/her employer; and
  • comply with the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) employer’s policies and procedures concerning the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), blood borne pathogens (BBP), prohibited health information (PHI), data security, respectful workplace, sexual harassment, mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect, and conflict of interest, including industry interactions.

1. Patent and Copyright

All persons participating or intending to participate in research projects at Stanford must also sign a Stanford Patent and Copyright Agreement.

2. Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

a. Stanford Industry Interactions Policy (SIIP)

Clinician Educators (Affiliated) are expected to comply with the Stanford Industry Interactions Policy (SIIP) that governs interactions, largely in the clinical and educational arenas, with the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and hospital and research equipment and supplies industries.  Additional information is available School of Medicine website, http://med.stanford.edu/siip/.

3. Use of Stanford Name or Marks

Membership in the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) line entitles a Clinician Educator (Affiliated) to identify himself or herself as such and to include his or her Clinician Educator (Affiliated) title on stationery, email signature blocks, business cards, and (with advance approval and in limited circumstances, such as those rare occasions when the research relates specifically to the Clinician Educator (Affiliated) member’s Stanford-related duties, activities and responsibilities) in certain publications.  When using their Clinician Educator (Affiliated) titles, appointees must include the word “(Affiliated)”, for example “Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated)”. Because the production of written scholarship is not, in general, a requirement of a Clinician Educator (Affiliated) appointment, the use of the title on publications may only be included when the use has advance, written approval from the department chair.  

The Stanford University or School of Medicine name or marks may only be used only in direct relation to Stanford-related duties, activities and responsibilities.

See the following for guidance:

Questions about the appropriate use of the Stanford name are to be directed to the School of Medicine at: sombranding@stanford.edu