A roundtable at the White House on reducing the health care industry’s climate-warming emissions includes leaders from Stanford Medicine.

High levels of a substance in the sputum are found in severe COVID-19 patients. Stanford scientists are testing a drug that may counter it. 

A leader in the biomedical revolution, Stanford Medicine has a long tradition of leadership in pioneering research, creative teaching protocols and effective clinical therapies.

Stanford Medicine researchers and their collaborators have identified a molecule that staves off hunger post-exercise.

While melanoma rates have leveled off for most of the United States, Black and Latino communities are at a higher risk for the disease.

Stanford Medicine now provides a test for the monkeypox virus. Rapid identification of infected people will help combat the virus’s spread and facilitate patient care.

Rsearchers recommend changes to a report that reviewed a national screening and quarantine program for travelers.

Children as young as 6 months can now receive the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines.