6.3.A. Overview

As noted above, membership in the Adjunct Clinical Faculty is a privilege not a right, and there is no entitlement to an Adjunct Clinical Faculty appointment, reappointment or promotion; similarly, there is no requirement that at the end of an appointment term, the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member be considered for reappointment or promotion.

But when the department chair (in their discretion) determines that it is to be undertaken, the purpose of the appointment, reappointment or promotion evaluation is to appraise, on the record to date, the candidate’s standing in their field. Decisions on appointment, reappointment and promotion are subject to the exercise of professional and scholarly judgment and discretion by departmental faculty and academic leadership at the School level.  The criteria and guidelines outlined in Chapter 6.2 of this Handbook should be read and applied by all those who cast a vote on an appointment, reappointment or promotion action.

Procedures for the evaluations that are undertaken at the department and School levels are described below.  Departures from these guidelines should be rare and approved in advance by the Office of Academic Affairs.  Procedural questions should be addressed to the Office of Academic Affairs.