3.8.H. Letters of Invitation

It is the responsibility of the department chair to ensure that a candidate for appointment as a Clinician Educator (Affiliated) is informed in writing of, and agrees to, the terms and conditions of their proposed appointment.  This requirement is met with the issuance of a letter of invitation.  The approved letter of invitation template is available in the Faculty Affairs Resources section on the Office of Academic Affairs’ website. All letters of invitation are contingent upon final review and approval by the School of Medicine.

It is the responsibility of departments to inform Clinician Educators (Affiliated) in writing of any changes in their term of appointment resulting from reappointments or promotions. Departments may provide a formal letter to the candidate with the following statement, as an example, “This will confirm your «Action Type» as «Rank» in the Department of «Department Name» for the period «Appt Start Date» to «Appt End Date».”  Alternatively, departments may notify the candidate of the dates of the fixed-term appointment by forwarding Office of Academic Affairs’ approval notification email.