2.8.B Part-Time Appointments

School policy allows appointment of faculty members at any rank on a part-time basis, usually for a fixed period of time.  In particular, the School looks favorably upon family-related needs as a possible justification for granting temporary reductions from full-time to part-time status, such as when the part-time status is expected to exceed the limit of permitted leave.

Because a large number of part-time appointments within any one department could weaken its academic program, all FTE appointment reductions are made by the School in its discretion and by exception only, taking into consideration and balancing both the needs of the department and the faculty member.  Such exceptions must be approved in advance by the department chair and the Vice Dean.

Individuals who are requesting a temporary reduction in their appointment are not allowed to participate in activities that conflict or compete with the University in the roles in which they continue to be employed.  In particular, no reductions in FTE will be granted to individuals intending to enter business or the practice of medicine.