6.2.K. Specific/Supplementary Criteria for Adjunct Clinical Professors

1. Appointment as Adjunct Clinical Professor

Consideration for an initial appointment to the rank of Adjunct Clinical Professor is usually reserved for those rare and exceptional individuals who have achieved national prominence as recognized leaders in their field of practice or professional activity.  Initial appointment as Adjunct Clinical Professor is a mark of great distinction and department chairs must be prepared to document fully the justification for such an appointment.

The initial term of appointment for an Adjunct Clinical Professor is generally five years.

2. Reappointment as Adjunct Clinical Professor

Reappointment at the rank of Adjunct Clinical Professor generally confers appointment for a continuing term that does not require further formal reappointment.

The Adjunct Clinical Faculty member with a continuing appointment will still be required to fulfill and document each year that they have met the expectation of 100 hours of voluntary contribution to the mission of the School.  Those Adjunct Clinical Faculty members holding a continuing term appointment must complete the annual reporting form each year and the department must retain copies in the individual’s file.  These contributions will be predominantly in teaching of students, housestaff, fellows and faculty, but may include mission critical administrative activities.  A continuing term appointment may be terminated as described in Section 6.1.F., including when satisfactory performance or programmatic need ceases.

3. Appointment as Adjunct Clinical Professor, Emeritus or Emerita

 Upon retirement and upon meeting certain qualifications, members of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty may request Emeritus or Emerita status.  Emeritus or Emerita status may be considered for Adjunct Clinical Faculty who hold the rank of Adjunct Clinical Professor at the time of their retirement and who have completed at least 30 years of service, of which 10 years must be at the rank of Adjunct Clinical Professor.  Requests are reviewed by the Vice Dean, who renders approval based on applicable standards.  Emeritus or Emerita status is subject to termination under Section 6.1.F.