6.2.H. Specific/Supplementary Criteria for Adjunct Clinical Instructors

1. Appointment as Adjunct Clinical Instructor

An initial appointment to Adjunct Clinical Instructor may be made for individuals who have just completed their residency and/or fellowship training.  Evidence should be obtained of a high level of performance during training and of potential for professional growth.  Only rarely will candidates with no more than completion of residency or fellowship training be considered for an initial appointment at a higher rank.

The initial appointment term for Adjunct Clinical Instructors is up to three years.

2. Reappointment as Adjunct Clinical Instructor

A decision to reappoint must include an evaluation of the requirements of the academic programs (including programmatic need) and must be based on evidence of continued excellent performance and continued compliance with the policies of the School of Medicine.

The term of reappointment for an Adjunct Clinical Instructor will generally be for up to three years and may be renewed (based on fulfillment of the applicable criteria and subject to continuing programmatic need) for an unlimited number of subsequent terms.

3. Promotion from Adjunct Clinical Instructor to Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

Promotion to the rank of Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor requires that there be evidence of progress and a high level of performance, and that the candidate has contributed substantially to the teaching programs of the School (i.e., served as a leader in educational programs).  Promotion to the rank of Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor may occur for those who have exhibited exceptional performance.

The term of promotion to Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professors is generally four years.