2.6.A. Definition

Faculty in the School of Medicine are predominantly in the University Tenure Line or University Medical Line.  The Non-Tenure Line (Teaching), also known as the Teaching Line, is used for special programmatic needs that are not fulfilled by faculty in these other lines.

Faculty appointed in the Teaching Line generally have special expertise in teaching, broadly defined, that meets a specific departmental programmatic need.  Typically, such special expertise enhances or expands the academic impact of strong clinical or research programs ongoing in the School of Medicine.  Teaching Line faculty are expected to spend a large proportion of their time on teaching and pedagogical activities and, at the rank of Associate Professor, to have earned a regional reputation for these activities.  At the rank of Professor, faculty members should be recognized nationally for their efforts in teaching and pedagogical activities.

Since this faculty line is specifically designated for teaching, there is no formal research obligation. However, since teaching and scholarship are closely intertwined, there is an expectation that, in many cases, candidates will be strong scholarly contributors, though not necessarily leaders in the field.  The School of Medicine generally discourages significant clinical time commitments for faculty in this line.

Teaching Line faculty are members of the Professoriate and of the Academic Council of Stanford University and of the School of Medicine’s Faculty Council.