2.9.C Incentive

The incentive (also known as bonus) component is determined in accordance with the department’s incentive plan, and is based on both departmental financial performance and on the quality of the individual faculty member’s performance of his/her duties and responsibilities, including professionalism, ethics and compliance with University, SOM and (as applicable) hospital policies and procedures.  Incentive payments may fluctuate up or down, and they are subject to the judgment and discretion of the department chair and Dean; they are not subject to the Statement on Security of Appointment and Tenure in the University Faculty Handbook.

To be eligible for an incentive payment under a departmental plan, the individual must adhere to all hospital and regulatory compliance requirements that assure the quality of patient care and the clinical operation.  A violation of or non-compliance with required policies will make the individual ineligible for an  incentive payment.

Thus, any incentive payment may be reduced or withheld for reasons including, but not limited to:  failure to comply in a timely fashion with rules of documentation for medical records or clinical billings; violation of HIPAA or other patient privacy requirements; non-compliance with mandatory University or School or hospital policies or requirements, including in regard to training, conflict of interest and financial disclosures; and/or failure to keep or maintain a respectful workplace environment in accordance with University/School requirements.

All incentives are subject to review and approval by the Dean and, if they exceed certain thresholds set and periodically revised by the Compensation Committee, the University Board of Trustees Compensation Committee.  Therefore, incentive payments are not guaranteed and cannot be paid until approval is obtained.

In any conflict between this policy and an offer letter, a written or oral statement to the contrary, or a departmental incentive program, the provisions of this policy will govern.