2.6 Non-Tenure Line (Teaching) [NTLT]: Criteria and Guidelines for Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

Table of Contents

2.6.A. Definition

2.6.B. Billet Authorization

2.6.C. Searches and Waivers of Search

2.6.D. Ranks and Titles

2.6.E. Duration of Appointments

  1. Term Appointments
  2. Extension of Term Appointments
  3. Continuing Term Appointments

2.6.F. Progression through the Ranks

  1. Career Trajectory
  2. Timing of the Reappointment Review
  3. Timing of the Promotion Review

2.6.G. Criteria

2.6.H. Application of the Criteria

  1. Teaching
  2. Other Considerations

2.6.I. Specific/Supplementary Criteria for Associate Professors

  1. Appointment as Associate Professor (Teaching)
  2. Reappointment as Associate Professor (Teaching)

2.6.J. Specific/Supplementary Criteria for Professors (Teaching)

  1. Appointment as Professor (Teaching)
  2. Reappointment as Professor (Teaching)
  3. Promotion to Professor (Teaching)