6.6.C. Clinical Care Activities and Revenue

The Adjunct Clinical Faculty are required to confirm the ownership and disposition of fees derived from charges for patient-related professional services within the scope of assigned academic duties at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Such services include direct or consultative patient care and diagnostic analyses and are further described in the Practice Policy for the Physicians and Psychologists in the School of Medicine (“Practice Policy”). As a condition of a University appointment, any fees which are charged for services are irrevocably assigned to, and belong to, the University (or other institution designated by the University), and must be transmitted to the accounts designated by the School of Medicine.  This obligation does not apply to professional fees charged for the services rendered outside the scope of Stanford duties.  As explained in the Practice Policy, the SUMIT insurance program (e.g., malpractice) covers the Adjunct Clinical Faculty member only for activities that are part of Stanford duties, that is, it does not cover any activities for which they personally retains fees. As a further condition of an Adjunct Clinical Faculty appointment, they are bound by the Practice Policy for Stanford work, as that policy is now in effect and as it may be amended, or superseded by any successor Rules. The Practice Policy is available here