11.3 Annual Off-Duty Time

Faculty members are not eligible for vacation and do not accrue vacation time. Members of the Academic Council (University Tenure Line, Nontenure Teaching Line, and Nontenure Research Line faculty) in the School of Medicine are paid for eleven months of service over a twelve-month period from September 1 to August 31. Therefore, during each academic year, the faculty member has a period of one month "off duty." This off-duty time may be taken all at once or in increments throughout the year as determined by the department chair to be consistent with the faculty member's fulfillment of his or her academic responsibilities. ​Departments are responsible for tracking off-duty time.

The unused portion of the month cannot be carried forward into a subsequent year except by prior approval by the department chair of an individual arrangement justified by academic considerations. Pay in lieu of off-duty time or for unused portions of such time at year-end or on termination of appointment is not possible.

University Medical Line faculty are eligible for time off and sabbatical on the same terms as members of the Academic Council.