6.3.B. Evaluation of Academic Activities

Evaluation of current and prospective Adjunct Clinical Faculty members for appointment, reappointment and promotion is based primarily on academic activities.  At the time of initial appointment, the department chair should describe the academic activities expected of the candidate.  Before recommending reappointment or promotion, the department chair should determine (as part of an evaluation of the candidate’s contribution to the academic program, the department and School) that the quality and extent of the candidate’s academic activities are sufficient to warrant the recommendation.  Each department will determine the academic standards for that department; the standards will follow the criteria listed in Chapter 6.2.

There is a general requirement that candidates commit to teaching and perform other academic activities for approximately 100 hours per year.  Appropriate multipliers for hours of contribution may be developed by each department to recognize exceptional contributions, e.g., a multiplier of 2X-5X for nights and weekend call or mission-critical activities.  The department may recommend a multiplier but will need to seek and obtain approval of the Vice Dean (or a designate) before applying it.