2.8.D Joint Appointments (0%)

1. Definition  

A joint appointment at 0% acknowledges a faculty member’s active participation in a secondary department’s research, educational and/or clinical activities.  The title carries certain responsibilities and bestows certain privileges as outlined below.   Joint appointments at 0% may be made across schools or between departments within the School of Medicine.  Up to two joint appointments at 0% are permissible. 

2. Resources 

All resources (e.g., billet, salary and/or research support) are provided by the faculty member’s primary department at the time of the initial appointment and throughout the duration of the faculty member’s appointment at Stanford.    

3. Titles 

Titles of those holding joint appointments at 0% reflect the faculty member’s primary and secondary departmental roles by using, for example, the following format:  Professor of (subject of primary affiliation) and of (subject of secondary affiliation). 

4. Terms 

A joint appointment at 0% for a tenured faculty member (or a faculty member holding a continuing term appointment) may be made, at the department’s discretion, without limit of time or for a term of years (normally five years).  Appointments without limit of time require the approval of the School.  For faculty with term appointments, the joint appointment is made for the duration of the current appointment. 

5. Responsibilities

It is expected that the responsibilities held by a faculty member holding a joint appointment at 0% will include some combination of the following:  teaching on a regular basis (broadly defined to include advising, mentoring and curriculum development);  supervision of thesis and dissertation research; service as chair of thesis and dissertation committees; collaborative research with departmental colleagues;  service on departmental committees or providing advice on governance issues; participation in faculty meetings and retreats; and  other duties as determined by the department chair.  It is expected that a minimum threshold of responsibilities will be set by departments for conferral of the title and that this will be applied equitably.  

6. Privileges 

Those with a joint appointment at 0% hold voting privileges, normally have access to graduate students, and are listed in printed or web-based departmental faculty rosters.

7. Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

The primary department takes responsibility for appointment, reappointment and promotion actions.  The secondary department (that is, the department in which the faculty member holds a joint appointment at 0%) may be represented on review committees.  After the action is considered and voted upon by the primary department, the long form is reviewed by the secondary department in accordance with standard departmental procedures (e.g., a standing Appointments and Promotions Committee).   Taking such input into consideration, the department chair renders a recommendation to the Vice Dean.

For joint appointments at 0% between a department in the School of Medicine (primary) and a department in another one of Stanford’s schools (secondary), the procedures outlined in the University Faculty Handbook, Chapter 2.6.2.(3) and (4) will be followed.