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December 2023 Announcements

General Announcements Effective/Due Date
Reminder: Impact of Winter Closure on OAA Processing Times December-January
2024 Faculty Affairs Roundtables January 2024
Clinician Educators Effective/Due Date
Practice Policy Exemption Immediately
Professoriate Effective/Due Date
Announcing New Faculty Immediately
New FSAT “Troubleshooting Demographic Report” Immediately
Close Your Searches in FSAT Immediately
Updates to Optional Field Labels in FSAT Application Form Immediately
Systems and Reports Effective/Due Date
No updates for December 2023 December 2023
Visiting and Short-term Faculty Effective/Due Date
No updates for December 2023 December 2023
Adjunct Clinical Faculty Effective/Due Date
No updates for December 2023 December 2023

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OAA Mission

To enhance the excellence of the School of Medicine through the appointment, promotion, and retention of a distinguished and diverse faculty dedicated to the continued development of an inclusive and equitable culture.

To support the professional and personal development of all faculty from recruitment through retirement.

To maintain the integrity of school and university standards, policies, and processes in partnership with academic departments, business units, and university leadership.

We highlight practices, evidence, suggestions, and programs that facilitate effective mentoring experiences, in order to support and advance faculty success at the Stanford School of Medicine. 

Our mission is to build capacity across our institution to deliver quality coaching in medical education and position Stanford Medicine as a leader in this domain.

On behalf of the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity and the Office of Academic Affairs, we are happy to announce a new website intended for our School of Medicine faculty to access a centralized hub of go-to resources for professional development and faculty training opportunities at Stanford.