Neurology & Neurological Sciences Grand Rounds


July 6

No Grand Rounds

July 13

How the Stroke Stopwatch was Shattered

Gregory Albers, MD
Coyote Foundation Professor of Neurology, Director, Stanford Stroke Center, Stanford University Medical Center

July 20

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Stanford Neurology: How to Get Involved

Carl Gold, MD, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford

July 27
Alway M106

Disentangling Primary 4-R Tauopathies

Irene Litvan, MD, FAAN, FANA
Tasch Endowed Professor in Parkinson Disease Research
Director of the Movement Disorders Center
UC San Diego Department of Neurosciences
La Jolla, CA

August 3

Update from AAN

Ralph Sacco, MD, MS, FAHA, FAAN
President, American Academy of Neurology
Chairman, Department of Neurology
Olemberg Family Chair in Neurological Disorders
University of Miami, Leonard Miller School of Medicine
Chief of Neurology Service, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL  

August 10

Spiking and Cognition

David Loring, PhD
Professor of Neurology & Pediatrics
Director of Neuropsychology
Department of Neurology
Emory University School of Medicine

August 17

Perspectives from Rockville

Adam Hartman, MD, FAAP, FANA, FAES
Program Director, Division of Clinical Research
Staff Clinician 2
National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke
Rockville, MD

August 24

Brain Death Determination: Past, Present and Future

Professor and Chairman of Neurology
Boston University School of Medicine
Richard B. Slifka Chief of Neurology
Boston Medical Center  

August 31

No Grand Rounds

September 7

SMA – Lessons on Treating Neurodegeneration

John W. Day, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics
Director, Division of Neuromuscular Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford University Medical Center

September 14

Quality Assurance Rounds

When There’s Two to Treat: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations During Pregnancy

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Sammita Satyanarayan, MD

september 21

CAR T Cell Therapy for Glioblastoma

Behnam Badie, MD, FACS
Professor and Chief, Division of Neurosurgery, Director, Brain Tumor Program, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA

september 28

Childhood Arterial Ischemic Stroke: Progress and Prospects

Rebecca Ichord, MD
Professor of Neurology, Director, Pediatric Stroke Program/Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania

October 5
Clark Center Auditorium

Developing Treatments for Stroke Recovery

Stanford's Fourth Annual Stroke Recovery Symposium •• 8am-2pm •• Clark Center Auditorium

Keynote Speaker 8-9am:

Cognitive Recovery and Decline Following Intracerebral Hemorrhage: From Post-Hoc Diagnosis to Individualized Risk Prediction

Alessandro Biffi, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology & Neurological Sciences, Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

Registration for Symposium

October 12
LKSC Berg Hall

Bridging Breakthroughs in Neuroscience from Bench to Bedside

October 19

Clinical Pathology Conference

Sarah Ahmad, MD

October 26

Quality Assurance Rounds

Protecting the Penumbra: The Difficulty of Small Vessel Disease

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Kate Therkelsen, MD

November 2

HCN Channels in Neuropsychiatric Disease

Dane Chetkovich, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Neurology, Vanderbilt University and Medical Center

November 9

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: A Window into Early Parkinson’s Disease

Ronald Postuma, MD, MSc
Professor, Department of Neurology
Montreal General Hospital
Montreal, Quebec

November 16

Clinical Pathology Conference

JoJo Yang, MD
Chief Resident, Neurology & Neurological Sciences
Stanford University

November 23

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 30

Riley Church Guest Professorship Lecture: Precision Medicine Strategies for Medulloblastoma

Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD
Bronson Crothers Professor of Neurology
Harvard Medical School
Neurologist-in-Chief, Chairman, Department of Neurology
Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

December 7

Quality Assurance Rounds: Neurological Impairment and Driving

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Katherine Werbaneth, MD

December 14

The Drama with Trauma: Building a Case for Studying PTH

Bert Vargas, MD, FAHS, FAAN
Associate Professor of Neurology
Division of Headache Medicine
Director, Sports Neuroscience and Concussion Program
UT Southwestern Clinical Center Richardson/Plano
Richardson, TX

December 21

Clinical Pathology Case Presentation

The Trojan NORSE: When Seizures Misdirect

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Tarini Goyal, MD

December 28

Winter Break


January 4

Winter Break

January 11

No Grand Rounds

Faculty Retreat

January 18

Quality Assurance Rounds:

Boom, Clap! The Management of Thunderclap Headache in the Emergency Department

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Shefali Dujari, MD

January 25

Quality Assurance Rounds: Do No Harm or Not Do = Harm? Assessing Intracranial Bleeding Risk Prior to Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Collin Culbertson, MD
Chief Resident, Neurology & Neurological Sciences
Stanford University

February 1

Clinical Pathology Case Presentation: Insidious Weakness in an Adult

Eric Rider, MD

February 8

Old and New Preventive Treatments for Migraine: A Tale Told Two Ways

Elizabeth Loder, MD, MPH
Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Chief, Division of Headache, Department of Neurology
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

February 15

Combining Human Stem Cell and Rodent Models to Understand Genetic Epilepsies

Jack Parent, MD
William J. Herdman Professor of Neurology
Co-Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Department of Neurology, University of Michigan

February 22

Quality Assurance Rounds: Lumbar Puncture and Bleeding Risk

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Brigitte Hurtubise, MD

March 1

Clinical Pathology Case Presentation:
A Journalist Who Lost His Way

Kevin Brickart, MD

March 8

Discerning the relationship between inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease with PET imaging

William C. Kreisl, MD
Boris and Rose Katz Assistant Professor of Neurology (in the Taub Institute) of Columbia University Irving Medical Center

March 15

Clinical Pathology Conference

Elaine Su, MD

March 22

Research Presentation: Generating Oligodendrocytes, Then Making Them Vanish: Three Dimensional Neural Culture as a Novel Model of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Rebecca Levy, MD

March 29

Quality Assurance Rounds: When pupils are unreactive, how should we react?

Hilary Wang, MD

April 5

Case Studies in Neuropalliative Care

Maisha Robinson, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Director, Palliative Medicine Services
Mayo Clinic Florida

April 12

Research Presentation:

“Wait, So What’s Your Question?” Optimizing Inpatient Consultation Communication

Sarah Pavitt, MD

April 19

Statistical and computational methods for integrative analysis of complex trait genetics

Zihue He, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Stanford University School of Medicine

April 26

Automating Clinical Neurophysiology

M. Brandon Westover, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital

May 3

Clinical Pathology Conference: A rare cause of pediatric neurodegenerative disease.

Nicholas Larsen, MD, MS
PGY-3 Neurology Resident

May May 05 - Jul 11 Sun-Wed 2019

AAN 2019 Philadelphia

May 17

Quality Assurance Rounds

When You Can’t Breathe, Nothing Else Matters. Acute Respiratory Failure in Neuromuscular Disease.

Nicholas Murray, MD
PGY-4 Neurology Resident

May 24

Gene Targeting Therapeutics for Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Lessons for Other Neurological Diseases

Charlotte J. Sumner, MD
Professor, Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

May 31

Clinical Pathology Conference: A 46 year old Man with Weakness

David Post, MD
PGY-4 Neurology Resident

June 7

2019 Neuroscience Research Forum

June 14

Research Presentation: Delayed neurologic dysfunction and neuroinflammation in a mouse model of pediatric arterial ischemic stroke

Elizabeth Mayne, MD, PhD
PGY-4 Neurology Resident

June 21

Developmental origins of brain health and disease: changing phenotypes across the lifespan

Mark Scher, MD
Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology
Director, Fetal and Neonatal Neurology Programs
School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University

June 28

Quality Assurance Rounds: When the history isn’t hypoxic: HIE mimics and their implications.

Amanda Sandoval, MD
PGY-3 Neurology Resident

July 5

Arrival of New Residents