Annual Improvement Projects

Fiscal year 2021

Project 1: Reducing readmissions to the stroke service
Project 2: Validating & measuring performance of video visit patient experience survey
Project 3: Self-service scheduling for in-person and video visits in ambulatory neurology
Project 4: Improving the pathway of care for patients with neuromuscular disorders

Fiscal year 2020

Project 1: Understanding Vizient Neurology Service Line readmissions
Project 2: Increasing patient access by utilizing patient appointment slots opened by late cancellations
Project 3: Improving patient access through self-service online clinic appointments
Project 4: Improving efficiency of practice in ambulatory neurology
Project 5: Identifying opportunities for improvement in the process of send-out labs for neurology patients

Infrastructure Gap 1: Integration of inclusive leadership training into improvement efforts
Infrastructure Gap 2: Iteration of the Mortality Review process

Fiscal year 2019

Project 1: Exploring the root cause of neurologists’ after hours work on the electronic health record
Project 2: Improving patient knowledge of the indications for their medications at the time of hospital discharge (CELT)
Project 3: Sustaining faculty utilization of the Relevant Clinical Conditions smart phrase at hospital discharge to accurately reflect severity of illness and patient complexity

Infrastructure Gap 1: Creation of real-time hospital mortality review process
Infrastructure Gap 2: Creation of monthly Neuroscience Vizient Scorecard

Fiscal year 2018

Project 1: Implementation of the Cost-Conscious Attending Rounds Checklist on the Neurohospitalist and Stroke services
Project 2: Implementation of the Relevant Clinical Conditions smart phrase at hospital discharge
Project 3: Reducing time from referral to scheduling appointments in General Neurology clinic

Infrastructure Gap: Creation of the Neurology Quality Council