Meaghan Roy-O'Reilly, MD, PhD


  • Adult Neurology Residency: Stanford (2021-2024)
  • Internal Medicine, Preliminary Year: Stanford (2020-2021)
  • MD/PhD: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston/MD Anderson Cancer Center (2020)
  • MS: University of Connecticut (2012)
  • BS: University of Connecticut (2012)



  • Clinical and translational research in neuro-oncology
  • Aerospace medicine



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  • Globus New Investigator in Stroke Award. American Heart Association (2019)     
  • President’s Scholar Award. UT Health & MD Anderson (2018)                                         
  • Research Travel Award. American Physician Scientist Association (2018)                                                     
  • George M. Stancel Fellowship. UT Health & MD Anderson (2017)                                         
  • Dean’s Research Scholarship. UT Health Science Center at Houston (2017)                                                 
  • NIH F30 NRSA Fellowship. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (2017)                        
  • Berlin Junior Investigator Travel Fellowship. JCBFM (2017)
  • T. C. Hsu Memorial Scholarship. UT Health & MD Anderson Cancer Center (2017)                                    
  • Hawkins Foundation Discovery Fellowship. UT Health & MD Anderson (2016)
  • Graduate Oral Presentation Competition, People’s Choice Award. UT Health (2016)     
  • Research Council Travel Grant. University of Connecticut Health Center (2015)                                         
  • Outstanding Senior in Molecular and Cell Biology. University of Connecticut (2012)                             
  • University Scholar Distinction. University of Connecticut (2011)                                                                   
  • Drotch Memorial Scholarship. University of Connecticut (2010)                                                                   
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship. University of Connecticut (2008 – 2012)



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