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Brain cancer specialists hope Biden’s Moonshot speeds therapies

The goal of the Moonshot initiative -- named after President John F. Kennedy's audacious 1961 vow to put a human on the moon -- is to cut the death rate from cancer by at least 50% over the next 25 years. How? By bridging chasms between scientific research and therapeutic solutions, beginning with a focus on cancer's most deadly forms.

Brains and Heart

Nine Stanford scientists receive cancer research funding totaling $13 million

The funding, from Cancer Grand Challenges, will help the researchers address difficult problems in cancer prevention, treatment-resistant cancers and therapies for pediatric solid tumors.

From loss comes hope: Pediatric brain tumor treatment shows promise

NIH U19 grant award

Congratulations to Drs. Michelle Monje, Mike Lim, and Reena Thomas for their successful U19 grant award from the NIH.  In a collaborative effort with the Harvard brain tumor program, this grant will allow for the evaluation of multiple novel therapeutics for patients afflicted by glioblastoma brain tumors. The correlative studies proposed will also advance precision medicine and our scientific understanding of the disease to ultimately improve treatment of adult glioblastoma brain tumors. This grant also means that Stanford has become a member of the prestigious new National Cancer Institute “Glioblastoma Therapeutic Network”, a national clinical trial consortium for adult brain tumors that will increase the cutting edge clinical trial options for Stanford patients.

Neuroscientist Michelle Monje awarded MacArthur 'genius grant'

National Academy of Medicine Elects 100 New Members

Stanford’s Rhiju Das, Michelle Monje and Kristy Red-Horse announced as Howard Hughes investigators

Stanford University researchers who study three-dimensional structures of biological molecules, aggressive brain cancers and how to heal diseased hearts are among 33 scientists from 21 institutions announced as new Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators. The Stanford faculty members are Kristy Red-Horse, associate professor of biology at the School of Humanities and SciencesRhiju Das, associate professor of biochemistry, and Michelle Monje, associate professor of neurology.

Falling Walls Award Winner: Breaking the Wall of Brain Cancer

Brain tumors form synapses with healthy neurons, Stanford-led study finds

New hope for treating childhood brain cancer

Stanford Radio: Cancer therapy's impact on cognitive function

Michelle Monje receives 2018 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award

Mom’s fundraising helps advance research into deadly brain tumor

Altered immune cells clear childhood brain tumor in mice