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The Stanford Global Health Neurology program is committed to bringing neurology education and systems change to resource-limited settings in cooperation with local partners. The field of global health neurology is exploding across the country, and here at Stanford, we are uniquely situated to harness innovation in technology/engineering, economics/health quality, and neuroscience to truly change the world. In order to survive, the Global Health Program depends on your private philanthropy. Please join us in giving a gift today.  

Your support is critical to aiding patients with neurological disease worldwide, as well as bolstering the education of rising neurologists. The most striking example is the initiation of the first stroke unit in Zimbabwe in cooperation with University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences, Parirenyatwa Hospital, and the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe. Stroke is the 2nd most common cause of disability in the world. Preventing stroke is easy and cheap with the right medications and care model.  Through a low-cost restructuring and emphasis on education, stroke patients are now receiving specialized care and being started on standard stroke prevention therapy and ongoing data collection suggests reduced mortality since implementation. The unit operates independent from Stanford University. The presence of the stroke unit also builds neurology capacity among Zimbabwean physicians and trainees who get focused exposure to these patients. One resident who I met prior to the Stroke Unit development was struggling to find an interest and knew little about standard stroke care. Once the Stroke Unit was created, she had a mandatory month-long rotation through it, and is now considering pursuing advanced neurology training in South Africa (Zimbabwe does not yet have the capacity to provide independent neurology training as there are ZERO neurologists in the country). The housestaff from the US that were involved were also forever changed by their experiences. Projects like the Stroke Unit are far-reaching beyond what we initially imagined, and with your support, can continue to grow to redefine neurological care. 

Be a part of the Stanford Global Health Neurology program and open the door for low-cost, sustainable, far-reaching projects that will change the world in a very measurable way. Make a gift to Stanford Global Health Neurology today.

Do not hesitate to contact the Development Office with further questions, or to get in touch with us to hear more about how your contributions will support critical projects and experiences.  


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