Stanford Telestroke and Acute Teleneurology Program

Stanford Telestroke and Acute Teleneurology Program Overview

The Stanford Stroke Center launched the Telestroke and Acute Teleneurology Program in 2017.  Our multidisciplinary group of neurologists, neuroradiologists, and neurosurgeons are committed to serving patients at Stanford as well as extending our expertise to partner hospitals throughout Northern and Central California.  This initiative began as the Stroke Interventional Radiology Service (SIRS) rapid access program, where we have a well-established mechanism to provide emergent consultation and transfer for patients in the community with acute stroke.  Using this model, we are now pleased to offer additional consultations including bedside video evaluations, review of local neuroimaging, and encounter documentation to participating hospitals.  In collaboration with referring providers, we assist with the assessment and acute care plan for each patient, including any potential need for transfer.  For additional information regarding this program, please contact the Telestroke Program Medical Director, Christina Mijalski Sells.

Christina Mijalski Sells, MD, MPH

Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Telestroke Program Medical Director