Neurology CELT & RITE teams

CELT Cohort 14, 2022

Project: Improving blood pressure control in the Stanford Stroke Clinic
Team Leader: Lironn Kraler
Team Members: Christina Mijalski, Anirudh Sreekrishnan, Selena Mendoza, Tiffany Chang, Marina McIver

RITE Cohort 23, 2022

Project: Increasing the use of General Inpatient Hospice
Team Leader: Tovah Kohl & Tiffany Nawabi
Team Members: Hannah Kirsch, Samantha Allen, Dora Kalatzi, Samantha Furgason, Clarissa Manex, Donna Garay

CELT Cohort 11, 2020-2021

Project: Improving the pathway of care for patients with neuromuscular disorders
Team Leader: Jennifer Lee
Team Members: Michelle Cao, Shefali Dujari, Jacqueline Hayes Albarran, Angie Murkins Sarah Stranberg, Tiffany Sun

RITE Cohort 18, 2020

Project: Decreasing time from door to needle in stroke patients presenting to ED
Team Leader: Denise Ferrer
Team Members: Prasanth Krishnamohan, Jenesis Achaigua, Tony Montano, Justin Tarnoswki, Sania Zubair

CELT Cohort 10, 2019-2020

Project: Increasing access by filling patient appointment slots opened by patient-initiated late cancellations
Team Leader: Chitra Venkatasubramanian
Team Members: Nina Bozinov, Neelam Goyal, Tarini Goyal, Nick Quiroz

RITE Cohort 17, 2019-2020

Project: Identifying opportunities for improvement in Neurology send-out labs
Team Leader: Benjamin Pinsky
Team Members: Lucas Kipp  

RITE Cohort 15, 2019

Project: Reducing wait time from central check-in to destination in outpatient neurology clinic
Team Leader: Christopher Lock
Team Members: Jong-Mi Lee, Ashley Rawls

RITE Cohort 15, 2019

Project: Standardized dysphagia screening in stroke and suspected stroke patients
Team Leaders: Monique Bouvier, Luci Parker
Team Members: Erick Baechle, Elia Hernandez, Lironn Kraler, Sandra Mobley, Terri Wieske

CELT Cohort 8, 2018-2019

Project: Increasing patients’ knowledge of the indications for their medications at the time of hospital discharge
Team Leader: Brian Scott
Team Members: Phyo Aung, Leslie Bennett, Olga Goldberg, Victor Tamayo, Noah Wachtel, Hilary Wang

CELT Cohort 8, 2018-2019

Project: Reducing duration of ICU stay in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage by facilitating timely transition from intravenous to oral antihypertensive regimens
Team Leader:
Zachary Threlkeld
Team Members: Hans Ang, Liz Kim, Kassi Kronfeld, Adam MacLellan, Nick Murray

CELT Cohort 6, 2017-2018

Project: Improving patient access by reducing time from referral to scheduling of appointments
Team Leader: Laurice Yang
Team Members: Nicole Batino, Katie Kvam, Ting Pun

CELT Cohort 5, 2017

Project: Towards high-value care in inpatient Neurology: Reducing low-value practices with a cost-conscious checklist
Team Leader:
Carl Gold
Team Members:
Tresa McGranahan, Rebecca Miller-Kuhlmann, Karlene Mills, Elisa Nguyen, Judy Pettibone

CELT Cohort 4, 2016-2017

Project: Increasing stroke-specific order set usage in the ICU
Team Leader: Kyle Hobbs
Team Members: Karen Hirsch, Christina Mijalski

RITE, 2014-2015

Project: Improving door to CT time for walk-in stroke patients
Team Leader: Aleksandrs Kalkins
Team Members: Nirali Vora, Amy Tai, Daisha Marsh, Christopher Zorich, Genette Olalia, Mary Brethour, Kandice Garcia